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Cindalin-10 Tablets


  • Cindalin 10 provides Superior Hypertension Control and provides Organ Protection.
  • Cindalin 10 is The Fourth Generation Calcium Channel Blocker.Cindalin-10 with its Superior Hypertension Control Helps, Prevent Progression of Proteinuria, and Pedal Edema & Palpitation.
  • Meaning Of Protenuria : The Presence of Abnormal Quantities of Protein in the Urine, which may indicate Demage of the Kidney.
  • Pedal Edema : The Swelling in the Feet Ankle due to Some of the Calcium Channel Blocker Ccb (Calcium Channel Bloker) Like Amlodipine Etc. While Cindalin has no effect like Pedal Edema.