Irbesartan, Cilnidipine & Chlorthalidine Tablets


First Introduce Clindasartan Synergetic Combination Of -(Clindipine & Irbesartan) In India.  

• Right Synergestic Partnership Does Matter In Safe B.P. Control      
• Next Level Ccb Is Here For Hypertension Control,Helps Prevent      
• Office More Beneficial Effects On Proteinuria Progression In Hypertensive Patients Than Amlodipine      
• Exerts Greater Reno-Protective Effects Than Amlodipine Through Its Antioxidative Properties       
• An Angiotension Ii Receptor Blocker (Arb), Acts As A Selective Ppar - Peroxisomeprliferator - Activiated Receptor-Y)Modulator.      
• Exerts Beneficial Effects On Oxidative Stress,Inflammation,Lipid Metabolism And Metabolic Syndrome